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Africa Umoja - The Spirit of Togetherness

In celebration of the 100th Birthday of Nelson Mandela. The Spirit of Togetherness is a two-hour explosion of song and dance performed for Kings, Presidents and members of the public in over 50 countries worldwide. It is easy to understand how Africa Umoja packed theatres around the world over the years. This is musical theatre at its exhilarating best.

Experience true Africa, Watch dances that have been performed for hundreds of years. The Venda Snake Dance and the fury of the Traditional Zulu tribal dancing. Relive the energy of Sophiatown, infused with passionate voices as they tell their story. Live the adventure of the gold miners and their intense gumboot dancing that narrates some of the history of South Africa.

October 30th – November 8th 

Porter Sanford III Performing Arts and Community Center, 3181 Rainbow Dr., Decatur, GA 30034